"Tea Time" Is Lynne Naylor's latest solo fine art gallery event. The show opens at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, CA on Saturday April 28th, 2007 and runs through the month of May. There will be an artist's reception on opening night from 7 - 10pm. The show is free to the public, and there will be refreshments served and a live DJ.

Lynne Naylor hails from Vancouver, Brittish Columbia and studied art at Vancouver School of Design and at Sheridan School of Art in Ottowa. As an award-winning designer/animator in the T.V. & Film industry, Lynne helped create The Ren & Stimpy Show and has lent her talents to such acclaimed shows as Batman Animated, Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Girls, and Clone Wars: The Micro Series, to name just a few.

Her keen design sense, graceful style and vibrant use of color has enabled Lynne a seamless transition into the fine art world where she has rapidly become one of the most highly sought-after emerging artists by collectors around the world.

"Tea Time" marks Lynne's exclusive return to one of her most fluent subjects: lovely ladies.....and tea . Enjoy the show!